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Our new digitalization product is a newly developed software learning package for Machine Learning which we call the “HDC-Analyzer” (Historical Data Conflict Analyzer). With this software, our customers can anticipate crashes on machines or process changes long before a crash occurs. The product is capable of learning the machine's data pattern. This means that we can control the autonomous production processes of the future.

Peter Strini, Executive Global Network (EGN) says about our “HDC Analyzer”:
"Danish industry and technical management have never before had a software tool that interactively tells the maintenance department when critical parts need to be replaced - only using pre-known censor technology.
In terms of investment this should be of interest to the technical organizations. This is software that gets hooked up to existing equipment. The technical organization, which has so far had to plan their maintenance based on gut feelings and resource-intensive data analyzes, can now make much more use of IoT and base their decisions on a better basis.”

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