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Machine Industry

Simple Machine Learning for the machine industry


For more than a decade Cedas have worked with the machine industry to provide automation solutions based on PLC and Machine Learning. In the Industry 4.0 era we now offer a software package for the machine industry cointaining automatic data analysis and monitoring.


Our Machine Learning Software DetectIT can be implemented in your machinery or value chain. We have a perfect Machine Learning “Engine” for your data, and you do not need to hire specialized data analysts or programmers to tailor your own algorithm.


Let´s give an example from a package or assembly line:


Machine for mounting clips in top frames on a skylight.

The software can "record" measurements of the transport time of the clip being blown from the vibrator to the press station. A historical representation of this blowing time and clock time on the machine, as well as times on cylinder movements from positive to negative position, can be combined with one barometer.


And another example using sound/vibration or image analysis:


Expensive vibration measuring equipment can be replaced with a simple sensor.

The value of vibration data is great. The value comes back to the user through two factors:
1. Identify changes in sound and vibration in time perspective compared to operation
2. An expert who can tell if there are 6 or 12 months to crash.
The first part can be integrated into our software with a special microphone. The software can receive data from all kinds of data sources and learn how it "looks". The software can then notify when "live data" is changed and in this way you can leave a system unattended.
When the software identifies a change, you can show the rental expert how the development has been over a period of time and the rental expert can tell you more. Eg. whether there is cracking in the inner ring or the like.



Don´t hesitate to contact us  - we are ready for a good dialogue about your specific questions or needs and our solutions.



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