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Power and Windmill

Simple machine learning software with automatic data analysis and monitoring


We are experts in identifying changes in data from your machines.

When an engine is running at a fixed or variable speed, our Machine Learning software can record signals related to the operation. E.g. current, differential pressure, the sound from the operation, vibration, ambient temperature etc. All together we get a historical “image” (trend curves), a signature of what it was like.

The image can be saved and real-time values from the operation can be automatically overlooked and the software announces changes. The software keeps track of the values itself and can see all historical operation from the entire application and notify if something changes. In other words, automatic trend curve (data) analysis. If a change occurs the technical management are notified exactly where and are able to intervene. This also means that you can change your maintainance strategy from time-based to condition-based.

The potential is very large for your company. You look into huge economic and environmental savings on fewer data analysts and spare parts combined with less downtime. 

Our motto is: " If it ain´t broke - don´t fix it ".


Don´t hesitate to get in contact with us- we are interested in and ready for a good dialogue with you!





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