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Strategic Management - Digital strategy

If your company is about to start on your data journey… let us help you get the most value from your data - with least investment

We are experts in identifying changes in data from your machine or process by using well known sensor technology.

We can provide you with a tool for automatic data analysis and monitoring.

Are your company looking in to a new digital predictive maintenance strategy?



Maintenance for the future of Industry 4.0

The ideal maintenance strategy for industrial and manufacturing companies can now be realized
through sensor data and a new software called DetectIT.

  • Intelligent condition-based maintenance (AI)
  • Huge economic and environmental savings on spare parts and less downtime
  • “If it ain't broke – don’t fix it”. (T. Bert)


With DetectIT, we have automated the skilled engineer or technician
who walks around and "listens" to the bearings and knows the sound of the machine.
Thus, it is no longer necessary to replace components until they show signs of breakdown.
The time-based maintenance is now replaced with the intelligent condition-based maintenance.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need advice or help to create your new digital predictive maintenance strategy.


Strategic management

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